Chapter 1

"Oh wow! Chocolate-chip ice cream!" Serena skipped down the sidewalk, busily eating an ice-cream cone.

"It's amazing how one can be so easily amused," Raye commented, walking beside her.

"Raaayyyyeeeeee, you're soooo meeeannnn! However, there's nothing anyone can do to ruin my mood," Serena returned, satisfied.

"What were you and Darien doing last night?" asked Mina. "Hmm..." Serena's only response was to concentrate on her ice cream.

"You both really should leave her alone," said Lita. "If she wants to tell us something, then--" Lita's scolding was interrupted by her communicator. It was Sailor Mercury. "Mercury! What is it?" Lita asked.

"Scouts! I was playing chess with Birdie when she disappeared!" Mercury reported anxiously.

"Right! We'll be there!" Lita turned to the others. "Guys, it looks like Mercury's in trouble! ...Serena, are you listening?"

"Mmm... chocolate....*drool*...huh?" *SMACK!!!* Raye slapped Serena across the face. "Hey! What was that for?!" Serena whined.

"Pay attention and transform!! And wipe the drool off your chin!" Raye yelled.

"Aahhh!!! You spilled my ice cream!!! Oooh... I'll get you for this... Moon Crystal POWER!!!"

After changing, the scouts rushed to meet Mercury. They arrived and entered the apartment. The door slammed shut and would not open.

"What's going on?" asked Sailor Moon.

"All right, come on out, Rubeus," Jupiter yelled. "We know you're in here! Don't try to hide!"

"Who's hiding, Sailor Scrubs? I'm right above you." The Scouts looked up to see Rubeus balanced on the chandelier.

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