Chapter 7

"Something to eat? I'm starving!" piped up Serena quickly.

Raye was momentarily shocked. "You'd just eaten when we left! How could you possibly be hungry again now?"

"I'm sorry, it's just I'm always hungry after travelling, and we walked such a long way..."

Mina and Lita glanced at each other, then in sync rolled their eyes back and sighed. Cyllene stifled a giggle. She'd been so anxious about meeting the legends, and to find that they were such normal people...

Suddenly there was a cry from behind them. Part of the roof had been blasted in, and standing in the middle of the room was the mist-formed figure they had seen earlier. She bellowed "Shadows! Come forth!" and instantly four dark, vaguely humanoid forms wavered into being. Each was tall and completely black and featureless, save for each one holding a weapon.

"Stay back," called Cyllene, "You can't fight them!"

"But we've got to do something," said Amy as the battle was joined. The future Mars and Jupiter were blasting at the shadow forms to no avail. They simply absorbed all the energy being poured into them. One, with a javelin, then turned on Jupiter, bellowed a roar, and emitted a bolt of lightning from the javelin. It slammed into Jupiter's chest and sent her hurtling across the room.

"We can't just stand here," cried out Lita, and barged past Cyllene. She barelled straight into the dark form, and wobbled slightly from the collision, reaching out to grab something as both of them fell. Her hands caught the javelin, and as she fell it came out of the dark warrior's hands. The javelin gone from it, it coalesced into a more solid shape, seemingly made of stone but still pitch black.

Lita, however felt the power in the javelin she had just grasped. It called out to her soul, and instantly she new waht to do. She jumped to her feet, thrust the javelin skyward, and called out to the heavens, "Jupiter Thunder Javelin Power!" Instanty, bolts of lightning flowed down from the javelin, surrounding her. It clung to her body then magically solidified into her new outfit. she wore a white tunic with long sleeves that came down to cover the backs of her hands and white leggins tucked into her traditional green boots. Over that was an silver breastplate ornately decorated with an emerald leaf design, and similarly decorated silver bracers, waist and leg guards. The javelin had turned from cold metal to an oaken shaft tipped with a silver end.

She called out to the silent room. "I am Sailor Warrior Jupiter!"

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