Chapter 10

The Present

"Rubeus," the voice summoned.  Rubeus came, unhappy.  He knew why Wiseman called him.  That's why he was unhappy.  Granted, he hadn't completely failed, but with the destruction of the Time Key... well, it wasn't quite a plus on his record.

Approaching Wiseman he kneeled.  "Wiseman, I await your command."

"Well, Rubeus, I sent you to do something, and you actually did it.  That's a first.  Congratulations."  He clapped sarcastically.  Rubeus stiffened.  "However, you have lost my Time Key.  Do you realize what this means?"

"I will go retrieve the pieces at once."

"WRONG!" Wiseman countered.  "Fool, you can't!  The remaining pieces were thrown into the beam!  They're now in the future whenever you sent those annoying Scouts.  There's nothing we can do about it now."

Rubeus gritted his teeth.

Wiseman sat back in his throne.  "Don't fret, Rubeus, you've done well.  Now, with Sailor Moon out of the way, we can begin our onslaught on a world rich and ripe for the picking."

Rubeus smiled.

The Future

The Scouts gawked at the mohawked girl.  "Sailor Moon, is it really you?"

"Of course it is.  Do you need me to go through the whole spiel?  'I am Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice, yadda yadda yadda."  She recited her battle cry, all in a half mocking tone.

"You've really changed, haven't you Serena," Jupiter murmured, astonished.

"I know," she replied sadly.

"Serena..." Mars said, fingering the sore, red mark on her face.

Sailor Venus shook her head.  "I can't believe it.  How could this be true?  You've aged seven years in 30 seconds?"

The mohawked girl looked frustrated.  "How am I supposed to know?  Since when was I a science whiz?"

"Speaking of a science whiz..." Jupiter stopped, concerned.   "What happened to Amy?  Don't tell me we lost her too!"

Sailor Moon frowned.  "So they've started already..." she muttered. "Come on, we can save her, but only if we go to the Dark Tower now." The three remaining Scouts looked at each other. "Come on, do you want to save her or not?"

What choice did the scouts have?  They followed Sailor Moon and were soon on their way.

"Guys, guess what?"  Sailor Mercury entered the chamber, followed by Athena and Cyllene.  "Look what I--" Mercury was faced with an empty room.  "What happened to everyone?"

Chapter 10 was submitted by Double E.

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