Chapter 16

The three Warrior Scouts looked at each other and nodded.  "If that's how you want it," Jupiter replied.  With a yell, she ran for Sailor Moon.  The mohawked girl grinned and easily parried the strike.  However, this gave Venus and Mars an opening.  Hurt, Sailor Moon staggered back.

"Looks as if I underestimated you," she panted, catching her breath.  "A mistake to be rectified now!"  Fingers splayed, she emitted a wave of dark energy towards the scouts.  They fell, doubled over in pain.  With what couldn't quite be called a smile, the future Moon turned to Serena.

"Oh no," Serena cried, backing away.  "Mercury, where are you?"


Mercury gave a perplexed look to Sailor Earth.  "Can you stop them?" she asked.

Sailor Earth looked as the two Rinis stared each other down.  "I don't know… I've never seen anything like this before…."

The Rinis were at a standoff.  They didn't seem happy to meet alternate versions of themselves. 

"I'm the real Rini!"

"No, I am, you green-haired freak!"

"Why you-"

CLAP!  Mercury clapped and put on her most businesslike demeanor.  "All right, lets not get irate…  We need to save Serena," she directed to Sailor Time.

"And we need to help Dad," Sailor Earth said, guiding Sailor Moon towards the Tower.  She looked at Mercury.  "Gee, it seems as if we're working for the same thing.  Why don't we work together?"

"I think that would be a grand idea," Mercury smiled.  "What do you think, Sailor Time?"

"Grrrr…" said Rini.  Suddenly there was a great flash.  "What was that?" both Rinis asked.

-------Five Minutes Earlier------

Rubeus struggled under the cane of Tuxedo Mask.  "It seems I can't defeat you in a fair fight."  He broke away and stepped back.  "Too bad I don't play fair."  He crouched, gaining an aura of dark energy.

Tuxedo Mask paused, unfazed.  "You're outclassed here, Rubeus.  I've learned a few tricks since last we met."  He began to glow, with energy focusing at the tip of his cane.

Sailor Moon and Serena both turned in time to see the two men rushing towards each other, both glowing and giving off immense amounts of energy.  "Dark Moon Crash!!" Rubeus yelled.  "Kamen Cane Strike!!" screamed Tuxedo.  Both Serena and Sailor Moon gasped, "Don't do it!"

Suddenly there was a great flash.

Chapter 16 was submitted by Double E.

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