Chapter 27

"Sorry to break up your tête-à-tête," a voice boomed, startling Sailor Moon and Mistan.  "My mohawked friend, it seems as if you've fallen in with a bad crowd.  You should be more careful about who you associate with--"  Garnetia appeared directly behind Mistan and plunged her dagger into the mist creature's exposed back.  Mistan shrieked and fell, her body swirling into nothingness. 

Sailor Moon stared, aghast.  "You killed her," she accused.

Garnetia frowned, knowing otherwise.  "I do not take kindly to traitors."  She turned Moon's face to hers.  "One more act like that..."  She left the thought unfinished, tightening her grip on Moon's chin and sending a few licks of electricity through it.

Sailor Moon broke away then bowed humbly.  "I have strayed from my task," she said apologetically.  "I would continue gathering the Sailor Scouts you requested."  Her presentation was every bit formal and submissive, but the glint in her eyes hinted otherwise.

The tall red-haired woman noticed this and gave a hard smile.  "Go then.  And remember that rebellion is as foolish as it is futile."  She watched as Sailor Moon set off, face a hard mask of hate.

Elsewhere--  Athena suddenly sat bolt upright.  "Oh--!"

Chapter 27 was submitted by Double E.

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