Chapter 34

Garnetia immediately charged at the true Wiseman, black blade held over her head.  The Wiseman simply stood at the end of the hall, his reflections motionless as he was.  She swung the sword down and cleaved straight through him... leaving an empty robe once more.

"Curses!" she yelled as she spun around.  The other reflections had faded-- save for one behind her and to her left.  It extended its withered arm and let out a huge wave of energy.  Garnetia was picked up and thrown across the room, slamming into the opposite wall.

"Are you finished with this futile little display?" he said, voice rasping.  A sudden cough had him bent over, wracked with pain.

Garnetia used her chance.  As she rose, she teleported straight over to him, bringing her sword across in a double-handed arc, aimed at removing his head.  The blade slowed, as if moving through molasses, and stopped altogether an inch from his hood.

The Wiseman raised his hand and fired another blast, but this time Garnetia was prepared.  Pushing her skills to the limit, she vanished as soon as he fired the blast, and reappeared in front of him.  She lashed out with a foot, catching her adversary in the stomach and knocking the wind out of him.

"And now... we shall see under that robe of yours."  She grasped the hood of the stunned Wiseman and yanked it back.  Her eyes grew large with surprise, and her jaw hung open at what she saw.  Gibbering and muttering to herself, she collapsed to her knees, clutching her head and trying desperately to understand what was happening.

Under the hood, wizened, white-haired, laced with scars and with both eyesockets empty save for a blinding white brilliance, was the face of her brother Rubeus.

* * * * *

"Mercury? I don't get it!" wheezed Warrior Venus as she tried to keep up with Celeste.

Sailor Earth stopped running so Mina could catch her breath.  "Look, when I ended up about a decade into the future, I was about six years old.  Lady Mercury found me and raised me as her own.  She taught me how to fight and use my powers as Sailor Earth.  She and I were the last of the Scouts so we were the only ones to stop Garnetia.  Problem was, we didn't have the power needed.  So Aunt Mercury and I traveled to the past.  But Garnetia found out and killed Aunt Mercury before we could get here."  Celeste wiped away her tears that fell from her cheek.

"I had no idea-" began Venus.

"Don't.  Let's just make sure that her death wasn't in vain."  The two girls ran to Resistance Headquarters.  But the tears continued to fall from Celeste.

"AMY!" cried Serena as she held Warrior Mercury's limp body.  "Why?  WHY!?" she wailed angrily.

Sailor Time was crying too, now that Cyllene had died moments ago.  She didn't know what to do anymore.  "I don't want to be a Scout anymore," she whispered.

"You won't have to," said Celeste as she and Mina returned.

"AMY!" yelled Mina, horrified.  She ran to Serena.  "What happened!?  It wasn't supposed to be like this!"

"Garnetia killed her.  Now, our Time Key is gone and we can't get home!" whimpered Serena.

"Maybe you still can," whispered Celeste as she held the Silver Crystal in her hands.  "This will fix everything."

Chapter 34 was submitted by Jinas and Malaur.

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