"Wow.. that monster wasn't very powerful," Mina commented over pizza.

"Maybe you're just getting stronger," Luna suggested, snuggling into Amy's arms.

"Or they're getting weaker," Lita returned, smiling.

"No, what I want to know is, who was that girl that attacked Rubeus?" Serena asked, reaching for another slice.

"What girl?" Amy asked.  "I don't remember seeing anyone."

"No?"  Serena stopped chewing, her face screwed in thought.  "She looked kinda familiar... like we'd met somewhere before..."  She frowned at the others' blank looks.  "She said her name was Sailor Time," Serena mused.  "I wonder if she's an ally."

"Well, maybe she's here to replace you as leader," Raye teased.

"Rayyeeee!  You're sooo mean!!!"

* * *

Sailor Time smiled, knowing that peace had finally settled.  The time stream had repaired itself, the Dark Moon would no longer rule the future.  It was up to Sailor Moon to destroy Rubeus, and eventually Wiseman, but she was confident it would happen.

"Be well, mother.  I shall guard the time streams forever."

With that, holding the power of Time, she set off ahead to see what the future held.

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