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The Contest:

We've had over ten chapters now.  If there was something I could do for a celebration...well, how's this.  You send in something, story or art, to celebrate our 10th chapter (and almost 5 months of existence!) and we'll post all of 'em up, and you can vote on them (democracy at work!) and the winners will get a prize from us.  Exciting, huh.

Serena and Mina are excited about the contest!

The Breakdown:

There are, of course, methods to this madness.  Anything submitted for the contest must have something specifically to do with the story.  You can submit other stuff, but it would go to the general fan art section.  Just informing you.

Art.  Fan art.  Specifically, Chaos in Time oriented fan art.  Submit your visions of the characters in the situations described. Don't know how to send art to me? Check here!

Stories.  These would be side stories to Chaos in Time... if you want a place just to publish your fan fiction, there are other sites for you to go.  That being said, stories must be short and enclosed... no long epics.  As always, any submission must adhere to the site rules.  Don't fear, this does allow some latitude... anything you feel has been overlooked in the chapters so far can be fodder for your story.  However, if the submission is on something new, it will be considered for the next chapter.  I've wondered about this, as it seems like it could be a bad idea.  I'm trusting that you can follow the directions...

Well, now the ball is in your court. Send in submissions until March 2.  That gives you a month... don't waste it!  Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your submissions! :)