This isn't 'Fist of the North Star'. Hmm... Fist of the Evangelion... Starring Ken Shinji, a depressed wanderer, searching for the meaning of life, and exploding heads along the way.

Ken: You don't know it, but you're already dead... inside. All of us are. Why do I fight anyway? Is is because father told me? Is it for the future of this post-apocalyptic wasteland? Is it--

[He is interrupted by a crazed figure running towards him. It's white hair doesn't contrast at all to his pale skin.]

Running Guy: I am Kaworu, come to kill you Ken Shinji!

[Ken sticks out a finger in time for Kaworu to run into it and his head explodes.]

Ken: Oh yeah, *that's* why I do it... making heads explode is fun.