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Yeah. I still haven't made this all nice and pretty. It's gonna happen. Someday. If it makes it any better, we've got some new fics! *Yea!!* Check out the 'More fics' page for a new installment of My Gift To You.

Help Wanted!

As you can see, I'm not the best person to keep the page in a timely fashion. What I'm looking for, is someone to run a Sailor Moon multi-author (you know, the thing it says in all the banners and site descriptions?) I'm SM-idea tapped out, and would rather someone else run it. Anything from story ideas to story runners is welcome. See the 'Chaos in Time' link below to see how our old multi-author worked (I want this one to be much better!)

get someplace!

Chaos in Time, our old multi-author.  It's a Sailor Moon story.
More fics.  Read them, they're good.  New My Gift To You, Shin Slurpee Evangelion.
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