Episode 4-- I, Demon

12/12: This really is under construction! I have been writing this! Really! By the end of the calendar year, something should be up in this space. If not, you may mail bomb me.

This chapter I think won't have as much action... lots of flashbacks though. And somebody dies. Exciting, huh.

Here's my teaser/beginning of the chapter. Complaints so far?

      "It's been a long time... son."
      "Not long enough... 'Father'."  Tenzil spat out the last word like it was distasteful.  His mind was a turmoil of feelings, threatening to overtake him.  Tenzil pushed them aside, keeping nominal control and leaving the reast to add to the black ball of hate he held for Jahat-Das, ordogi of trickery and illusion, and his birth father.
      Glaring defiantly at the demon, he gripped his staff and continued.  I don't know why you've returned, but I'm prepared to fight you... to the death if necessary!"  Tenzil braced for an attack... an attack which never came.
      "You've grown to be very brave," Jahat-Das grinned.  "Foolish, but brave.  However, much as I enjoy this opportunity for family bonding,... I've come for a different reason."  The toothy grin Jahat-Das held faded.  "I... need your help."

Heh heh. Here's a teaser for anyone reading before its' posted on the FFML or even the index. What do you think? I changed the end of episode 3, so if you haven't read it yet, 4 won't make sense. This one's gonna be about Tenzil and his dad... the great relationship they have... and what happens when an ordogi (demon) asks for your help, if that ordogi happens to be your estranged father. Oh yeah, and Kichi and Sam will be in it too...

Q: Why did you change the end of 3? And why did it take so long to do so little?
A: Nnnn... I caught an incredible case of mental constipation. I started four out with a little piece where everyone started telling their life stories, since it was a nice way for me to get that into the open before I had to give up the writing reins to others. However, it just seemed like a forced, overdramatic plot device (and heck, that's what it was!). So... now that I've ended my self-imposed fanfiction exile (I stopped writing while I moved to college) I'm back to working on this. I've totally scrapped what I started with, as well as the end of Ep. 3. Any objections to what I've ended up with? Suggestions?



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