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Informative Pages

Hitoshi Doi's Sailor Moon Page: The ultimate in comprehensive SM pages. Watch for spoilers.
Save Our Sailors! The SOS homepage!  If you haven't yet signed the petition to get more SM episodes shown (and the movies too!), well.... what are you waiting for?!  Also, SM info, contests, all kinds of stuff.
The Sailormoon Pages: Good comprehensive site
Castle in the Sky-- Sailormoon Episodes online!  Says it all, don't it?  Neat stuff...
The Worst Sailor Moon Pages Ever Maybe I shouldn't give you this one...^_^;

Fan Fictions

Fan Fiction Database The Fan Fiction Database.  Use this to find fan fictions to read or review, or add your own!
Sailor Loon's Fanfiction Review Page Reviews and links to other fanfics.  No, we won't be jealous. ;)
Spoof Chase Productions: Well, this site really doesn't have anything to do with Sailor Moon.  But it does have some funny fan fiction.  Check it out for non-SM fun.
The [sur]Real World: What if the cast of MTV's The Real World were all from anime?  Okay, again, not quite Sailor Moon related, but at least this one has Mamoru (Darien for you US only viewers) in it.  Funny funny funny.

Humor Pages

Sailor Moon Says- Your Daily Alternative Remember the lesson at the end of the TV show?  Imagine it funny.
Anti-Mercury!The Mercury Hater's Page I personally like Mercury, but you've gotta admit this page is funny.  Or at least I thought so...

SM Homepages

SSSN's banner 3 A nice site with all kinds of neat stuff.  An especially cool Multimedia and Interactive section!  Quizzes, art galleries, and more. 
The SM Zone Nice nice nice page with stuff galore.  Check out his backgrounds-- there are even some he's giving away!
AET's World of Animanga This site has all kinds of stuff.


[Anime Web Turnpike] The Anime Web Turnpike.  This place has everything.  One of, if not the best source for finding anime related anything on the net and beyond.
Karl's Unnecessarily Long Sailor Moon Link List All the SM links you'd ever need...and more.
Masato's Anime Manga Launchbase! Search for anime!  Over 8000 links!
The Nexus Bunches of SM links.  A good place to get yourself featured.
Sailor Moon and Other Links I know, more links, but this page goes to some pretty cool places.  Like Transformers! (and SM stuff, of course)

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