An awful lot has happened since we started Chaos In Time in August '97.  Here's just a little update in case you've forgotten the details.  We've got chapter summaries up to 38, and short character descriptions (edited to not be such spoilers!)

Original Characters      Future Characters     

The Story so Far...

Rubeus had confronted the Scouts with the intention of sending the Scouts to the future so he and Wiseman could take over Tokyo.  They began fighting, and Rubeus accomplished his goal-- however, the Time Key was broken, and all but one piece fell into the beam (Chap 2).  In the future, the scouts found themselves in an alternate future where Rubeus had taken over, and instead of Sailor Scouts, a Resistance worked against him.  After teaming with the Resistance, Serena was captured by the future Rubeus, and the others (but not Amy) went to save her, led by an Evil Sailor Moon (Chaps 8-10).  Meanwhile, Amy found a piece of the Time Key and met up with Sailor Time, and Sailors Little Moon and Earth (Chaps 11 & 15, respectively).  At the Dark Tower, fighting went on, (future) Tuxedo Mask arrived to save the day (but didn't exactly... Chap. 14), and everyone was surprised by the appearance of Rubeus's sister, Garnetia (Chap 17).  In the ensuing confusion (Rubeus and his sister don't exactly get along), the others escaped (Chap 18). 
Chapter 19: Garnetia takes over operations at the (ruined) Dark Tower, as Rubeus is... incapacitated. Her ill intent towards Rubeus is revealed.

Chapter 20: Garnetia has a plan. Elsewhere, Tuxedo Mask begins telling his story.

Chapter 21: Tuxedo Mask's Story: The Nega-Moon won, and the Scouts were destroyed. After beginning a family with Sailor Moon, disaster struck when newborn Celeste was thrown into a time warp by Wiseman. Tuxedo Mask attacked Rubeus in return, but Serena betrayed him and attacked TM as well. Then, year ago, Sailor Earth appeared, as a grown up Celeste. After his story, all Scouts end up together. Hidden, Mohawked SM learns about Earth's origin as well.

Chapter 22: Neo Mars and Jupiter fail in convincing Michelle to join the Resistance. She instead is lured into becoming soldier Neo Mercury under Mistan.

Chapter 23: Mohawked SM reports to Garnetia. Their meeting is interrupted by Neo Mercury's battle cry.

Chapter 24: Neo Mars, Jupiter and Mercury run through, much to Garnetia's chagrin. Irate, she orders Evil SM after them.

Chapter 25: Sailor Moon has doubts about her role on the side of Evil. Mistan appears and offers a deal to assuage her fears.

Chapter 26: I: Surprisingly, Wiseman is still alive. Rubeus (who has regained movement) reports to him. Wiseman tells himself that Rubeus will pay for his and his sister's transgressions.
II: Sailor Moon agrees to Mistan's plan to gather the rest of the Neo Scouts and then overthrow Garnetia. However, Mistan also plans to dispose of SM once she is no longer needed.
III: Suspicious, Garnetia follows SM and sees her talking with Mistan. Angry with the would-be betrayers, she prepares for action.
Chapter 27: Mistan (supposedly) dies, and Sailor Moon is rebuked for her plotting.
Chapter 28:I: Sailor Time gains another piece of the Time Key (bringing the Scouts' total to 3 pieces)
II: Rubeus sides with the enemy-- Garnetia.
III: Athena is killed by Neo Mercury.  The Scouts figure she is targeting Resistance leaders... so Cyllene may be next.
Chapter 29: The group splits up-- some to protect Cyllene, the rest to get revenge on Neo Mercury.  Mohawk-Moon tails Sailor Earth, with evil intent.  Then, Wiseman sends a weakening Mistan to find Neo Venus.
Chapter 30: Cyllene is found, badly hurt.  Serena, Venus and Earth are sent to find medical help.  Earth instead is found by Mohawk-Moon... and taken away, near death.  Then, Mistan finds Neo Venus.
Chapter 31: Tuxedo Mask, Mars and Jupiter are successful in their search for Neo Mercury.  She, Neo Venus and Mistan engage in a fierce battle with Tuxedo Mask, Mars, Jupiter, and the wounded Neo Jupiter.  This battle leaves only Warriors Mars and Jupiter standing-- and Garnetia, who takes Mistan's four pieces of the Time Key.
Chapter 32: The Warrior Scouts and Serena meet up to report. Serena is depressed that she couldn't save Sailor Earth-- Venus left alone for her. They are interrupted by Garnetia, who destroys her four pieces of the Time Key-- and Warrior Mercury.
Chapter 33: Sailor Earth is saved by Mina.  It is discovered that Earth has posessed the Imperium Silver Crystal all along.  Then, Garnetia interrupts Rubeus and Wiseman plotting to kill her.  Angry, Garnetia incapacitates Rubeus, then challenges Wiseman for rule of the Dark Moon.  They engage in combat...
Chapter 34: Garnetia subdues Wiseman to find.. he is a much aged Rubeus!  Then, Celeste and Mina return to the others, bearing the Imperium Silver Crystal.
Chapter 35: Wiseman tells Rubeus he'll most likely go insane at the knowledge that they're the same person unless Wiseman gets the Time Key.  Frightened, Rubeus flees with his piece, leaving his sister to become brainwashed by Wiseman.  Sailor Little Moon finds Wiseman's lair, but he quickly dispatches her, using Little Moon as bait to catch Sailor Earth and get the Imperium Silver Crystal.  Sailor Earth senses Little Moon's danger, and goes after her.  Meanwhile, Sailor Time goes after the last piece of the Time Key.
Chapter 36: Time is ready to fight for the Time Key, but Rubeus is strangely silent...  Meanwhile, Garnetia attacks Earth for the Silver Crystal!  All seems lost until Serena grabs the Crystal and transforms...
Chapter 37 Sailor Warrior Moon must face Garnetia!  After a fierce battle, Moon succeeds, pulling off a new attack which clears Garnetia's soul of evil. Angry, Wiseman takes the two to his lair to take care of them hisself.
Chapter 38 The remaining Scouts look for Serena, and if she's with Wiseman, three guesses on who's going to follow...  Then, Garnetia fights Wiseman!  Unfortunately for her, he's much stronger than he looks...  Will Warrior Moon be able to defeat him?

Serena and Darien on a bus, from MixxZine


Present Characters

Serena.  Sailor Moon from present; however, after being sent to the future, has lost her ability to transform.

Other Scouts.  Same as normal.  After moving to the future, they are known as Warrior Scouts (Chap 8).

Rini.  aka Sailor Time.  Left behind when the Scouts were sent back in time, she became Sailor Time (Chap 3).  (note: Sailor Time is older and has green hair... she does *not* look like the future Rini)  When Serena was captured, Sailor Time was warped to the [alternate] future where Amy met her (Chap 11).

Rubeus.  A lackey of Wiseman.  Sent Scouts to the future with the Time Key, which subsequently was broken into 5 pieces of which he holds only one (Chap 2).  This is not the Rubeus talked about for most of the fic.

Future Characters

Athena and Cyllene.  Resistance members.  They help train the Neo Scouts (Jupiter and Mars), as well as seem to know much about the Present Scouts' powers.

Neo Jupiter, Neo Mars.  They wear the uniforms of the original scouts, but they are different people.  They work with the Resistance in trying to find the rest of the Neo-Scouts (Chap 22).

Sailor Moon.  aka 'The Mohawked One', 'Evil SM'.  This is present Serena after being abandoned but the present Scouts for seven years (after being captured by future Rubeus... Chap 11), though found time inbetween to give birth to Rini and Celeste (Chap 15, 21).  She works for Rubeus (the future one), and sports a multicolored mohawk and a scar over a blind right eye.

Mistan.  aka 'Misty'.  Mistan is a mist-creature in search of the Neo Scouts.  She tells Sailor Moon that she does this in the name of Rubeus (Chap 26), but she clearly has her own agenda.

Rubeus.  He's still bad, but he has gained much power.  He has broken the Mohawked One so that she would follow him (Chap 11).  His base of operations is the Dark Tower, in the center of the wasteland that is Tokyo, and he still reports to Wiseman (Chap 26 I).  He maintains one piece of the Time Key (chap 2), and is gaining strength due to a planetary conjunction (chap 29).

Tuxedo Mask.  Not much is known about his ties to the Resistance, though he has previously battled Rubeus (Chap 16).  It is known that he is the father of Rini (Sailor Little Moon) and Celeste (Sailor Earth... see her entry) by his failed relationship with mohawked Sailor Moon.

Garnetia.  Rubeus' older sister.  She and Rubeus don't get along well.  She has taken Rubeus' place as main enemy of the Scouts, and seems to favor a more direct way of dealing with problems.  She wishes to depose Rubeus and become ruler of Earth and the Dark Kingdom.  Mistrustful (with good reason) of Mistan, Sailor Moon, Wiseman and Rubeus.

Rini.  aka Sailor [Little] Moon.  She is the daughter of Evil SM and Tuxedo Mask.  She takes on the mantle of Sailor Moon as her mother has turned to evil.

Celeste.  aka Sailor Earth.  She is Sailor Little Moon's younger sister from the future.  Mohawked Sailor Moon is her mother.  She was thrown into a time warp as an infant, and after being missing, presumed dead for years, she returned as Sailor Time. (Chap 21)

Wiseman  The mastermind behind the Dark Moon, he is pure evil.  Rubeus and Mistan report directly to him. (Chap 26 I, 29) He is in poor health, but magically much stronger than everyone.

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