Chapter 3

Rini entered Amy's house. "Amy!" she yelled. "Amy, I'm here!" She listened. Silence. "Oh well." Rini danced out.

Later Luna and Artemis were looking for the scouts. "Where could they have gone to?" Luna asked. They saw Rini skipping down the sidewalk. "Rini, have you seen the scouts?"

"No, I went over to Amy's house. She was going to take me out for an ice cream, but she wasn't there," Rini said.

"She wasn't?" Luna asked.

"It's not like Amy to forget," Artemis said. Suddenly Rubeus appeared above them.

"Oh no!" Rini shouted.

"That's right--the scouts are gone! I sent them away. HA HA HA, I'll take over the world and there is nothing you can do about it. HA HA HA. I just had to taunt you," Rubeus said. In a flash he disappeared.

"Oh no! What do we do?" Rini turned to Luna and Artemis.

"Rini, you have to go back in time and save your friends!" Artemis said.

"Me? But I'm just a little kid," Rini sucked her thumb. "What can I do?"

"Take this amulet!" Luna spun around and an amulet appeared. It was green, light-blue, and black.

"What's this for?"

"Hold it up to the sky and shout "Time Star Power!"

Rini clutched the amulet, reaching for the sky. "TIME STAR POWER!!" she shouted, and transformed into Sailor Time. Her hair had turned green. Her skirt was black, and her bows light-blue. "Cool!" Rini giggled.

"Now you must travel forward through time, save the scouts, and then help them defeat Rubeus and whatever new flukies he might have.

"Right." Sailor Time nodded. "Hold on Sailor Scouts! Help is on the way!"

Chapter 3 submitted by CJ Ward

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