Chapter 4

A shining ball of light appeared over the street. It rapidly expanded, then flashed away, leaving the Sailor Scouts hanging in mid-air. They plunged to the ground, screaming, and landed in a heap.

"We all seem to be alright," said Lita

"Speak for yourself," said Raye, "I ve got some dandy bruises." She looked around as they picked themselves up off the ground. They were in the ruins of a house. All around was desolation, the torched remnants of a city.

"Something's wrong!" cried out Serena. Taking stock of the situation, all of them realised that they'd reverted to human forms.

"I wonder what happened here," Mina asked, not expecting an answer.

"Same thing that s going to happen to you!" bellowed a cruel voice from above. A woman, or at least something in a woman's form, was perched upon the remains of a wall nearby them. It seemed to be made of a black mist of some kind, save for the cruel and hawk-like face that had a ghostly pallor.

"Nega-monster!" Called out Serena. "Moon Crystal Power!"

The inner light in the Silver Imperium Crystal flared for the briefest of moments... then vanished.

"What s happened?" she cried out. "How can we fight it?"

Suddenly, there came two shouts from above and behind them, accompanied by a flash of light.

"Mars Fire-Wind Slash!"

"Jupiter Thunder-Discs Blast!"

A bolt of blazing fire, crackling with electricity, shot down from above, striking the mist-creature. It screamed briefly, and dispersed into thin air.

Then two young women, both about 16, landed in front of the sailor scouts. One was tall and lean, with short purple hair. The other had a long green plait. But the most amazing of all was that the first wore Mars' costume, the second was dressed as Sailor Jupiter.

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