Chapter 6

"Ummm, where exactly are we?" Amy asked, after unsucessfully trying to get her computer.

"This is what is left of Crystal Tokyo. We're the Resistance; an alliance of soldiers who fight the monsters and such. Emperor Rubeus and the Wiseman rule this land and attack us."

'Mars' and 'Jupiter' ran off without a word, which Serena thought was quite rude. Before anyone could say anything, a smallish girl with short black hair and small wings protruding out of both sides of her head came into the room.

"Hey, Athena," she said absently, then did a double-take once she saw the five girls.

"You guys are the Sailor Scouts, aren't you? The real ones, I mean."

"Well, yeah. But what's going on?"

"I knew it!" the dark-haired girl cried happily. "You guys didn't believe me, but I was right!! These are the legendary warriors who are going to go back in time and save us all. Let me guess...Amy, Serena, Mina, Raye, and Lita. I'm Cyllene, but some call me Hermes. I'm one of the Goddesses. Athena over there is my sister."

"What are you talking about?" Lita asked.

"See, I've always had this theory that if the Sailor Scouts were alive, then Rubeus would have been destroyed. But he's alive and everyone knows that he alone couldn't beat you. I figured that he just sent you into a warp and kept you in another dimension or something. Apparently I was a little off."

"Well, we got sent into the future with the Time Key, and Rubeus was saying something about us not existing."

"I'll have to contact the others about that. There is a set of weapons made for ethereal wars known as the Crystal Weapons; the Time Key was one of them." Athena said.

"We'll talk later. How about we get you something to eat and some armor for you?" Cyllene said brightly, leading them into a room in the back of the temple.

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