Chapter 8

Serena's jaw dropped open. "Wow."

Raye got a thought and jumped one of the other shadows, wrenching a glittering red weapon from it.  The shadow-creature disappeared in a swirl of darkness. Raye grinned to herself.  "All right!" she whooped and held the weapon high in one hand. "Mars Flare Glaive Power!"  Abruptly a red light exploded around Raye and flashed brilliantly.

The fiery light hung around Raye and coalesced into a deep-red body suit.  From her toes up her shins as well as from her fingertips to mid-forearms a softer red light shone and formed into metallic looking boots and gloves.  A silvery-red breastplate solidified with a red crystal over her heart.  The weapon in her hand now glared and glittered with a fiery inner light. "I am Sailor Warrior Mars!"

She smiled.  "You know, you guys should really try this some time," she murmured while glancing at Serena, Amy, and Mina.  Mina and Amy looked at each other and nodded, then darted toward the two remaining shadows.

Mina ducked under the burnished gold weapon that a shadow swung at her head.  She kicked out, causing it to fall over.  "Talk about your picker-upper," Mina muttered as the creature jumped back up and swung at her again.  This time, instead of ducking, she grabbed the gold-glinted staff and jerked as hard as she possibly could.  It came free of the dark creature's hands.  The weapon called out to her soul and Mina closed her eyes.  "Venus Light Staff Power!"

Meanwhile, Amy jumped over what looked like a spike of ice, then ducked almost immediately as the shadow whipped around and swung it at her head.  She glanced at a flash beside her, then screamed.  The shadow had taken advantage of the distraction to make a good slice across her arm with the ice spike.  She fell back, watching the blood well from the wound. "Uh oh."

"Amy!  Behind you!"  Serena screeched at the top of her lungs from the other side of the room.  Immediately Amy ducked, jumped, rolled a few feet away, and jumped back on her feet.  `Thank goodness for gym,' she thought silently to herself.

"Venus Light Ray Envelop!" a bright flash of light permeated every corner.  The last shadow wailed and disappeared, its ice weapon clattering to the floor.  Amy picked it up and felt it call out to her softly.  "Mercury Ice Scythe Power!"

Suddenly, Serena screamed.  'Misty' grabbed her and fled.

Chapter 8 was submitted by Zelinath

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