Chapter 12

Serena's eyes widened.  "I would never give in to you like that!!  Never!!"

"We'll just see about that."  Rubeus grinned evilly and held his hand up.  "Let the torture begin."


"So, how are we going to do this?  Your friends have left and we can't contact them," asked Athena.

"Sailor Time, you can transport us through time, right?"

"No...until I can get the Time Key fixed, I can only send myself through time."

Sailor Mercury fidgeted with her earring and her visor materialized.  "My readings say that there are...two Sailor Moons?!?!"

Cyllene giggled.  "Relax, there's no surprise there, Lady Mercury.  There are two Sailor Moons because there's the one from this time and the one from your time."

"Of course...something's wrong, though...I'd like to do some more scans, but I don't have time now.  We have to go to this dark dimension and get Ser-"

"No, Mercury.  You have to stay here, in case your friends return.  Besides, you have powers that will need sharpening after your powerup.  The Ice Scythe is a strong weapon and you need to learn to use it properly," Cyllene insisted.  She took Mercury into a battle-worn room for training.  Athena and Sailor Time were left alone to discuss their ideas.


The Sailor Scouts walked behind their older, stronger leader.  Raye felt a pang in the back of her mind, and recognized it as a premonition.

"Lita," she whispered, "something's wrong...very wrong."

"Raye, shut up.  We have more important things to worry about!"  Lita sped up to get away from her.

Raye walked to Mina.  "Mina, there's something wrong.  I have a bad feeling about this Serena."

"Raye, that's only because she slapped you.  Relax, we have to find our Serena and Amy."

They came upon a tall, dark tower.  Sailor Moon turned her face away from the group, and a black moon glowed in her tiara.

[Master Rubeus, I have three Sailor Scouts for you.  I will be arriving shortly.]

[You pathetic weakling.  Why aren't you bringing four?!]

[Mercury could not be found!]

[I will overlook your failure for now.  Bring them here.]

[Yes, master.]

Sailor Moon's tiara returned to normal and she led the three into the tower.  Suddenly, Serena's voice cried out, "Help me!!"  Without a word, they dashed into the black tower.  But no matter what anyone else said, Raye could not shake the feeling in the back of her mind.

Chapter 12 was submitted by Silver Starr.

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