Chapter 13

As Serena gawked at Rubeus's mangled face, a new figure approached followed by three bound and hooded forms.  "I have brought them for you, Master," said the mohawked one.  Rubeus's face lit up with something akin to a smile, while Serena's jaw dropped.

"Dispose of them now," he ordered with a wave of his hands.  "Make it painful for their friend to watch," he added as an afterthought.

The mohawked one ripped off the hoods and shoved the three Sailor Warriors to the ground.  Gruffly, she put a foot on Mina's back and held her hands out before her.  A sword of shadow formed in her outstretched hands, glinting with dark energy.

She raised the sword high, aiming for Mina's neck.  After a moment's suspense, the blade plumetted down and Serena screamed...

Chapter 13 was submitted by Sailor Dragon.

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