Chapter 15

Running toward the Dark Tower were two girls--one with long, pale pink hair placed in meatball pigtails, and another with long, knee-length black hair.  The pink-haired girl wore a red and pink sailor costume, and the black-haired girl wore brown and white.

"How did we lose Dad like that, Celeste?" asked the pink-haired girl.

"Don't know, Rini," answered Celeste.  "Dad just knew that *Mom* was going to hurt someone and he vanished.  It isn't like he could stop being Tuxedo Mask."

"I know.  Do you regret it?  Coming here from the far-future?" asked Rini.

"No, Sailor Moon.  How can I regret seeing my older sister as a kid?"  Celeste smiled and stopped.  "Did you hear that?" she asked.

Mimicking her younger sister, she said, "No, Sailor Earth."


About fifty feet away, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Time also headed for the Dark Tower.  Safely hidden on her person, Mercury had the piece of the Time Key.  Suddenly, Sailor Time stopped.  "Amy, stop!"

Amy stopped.  "What is it?" she asked.

"Something's going to happen to us," said Sailor Time.

Suddenly, two people knocked them onto the ground.  Sailor Mercury was held down by Sailor Moon, and Sailor Time by Sailor Earth.  Sailor Mercury squinted at the pink-haired Sailor Moon.  "Rini?" she asked, confused.

"What?" asked both Rinis.  Then they looked at each other.


Tuxedo Mask and Rubeus went at it, each trying to cut the other in half.  Tuxedo Mask seemed more experienced, for he blocked and dodged in a way that the younger version had not been able to.  For his part, Rubeus was very angry.

While all this was going on, all of the past scouts ran to their Sailor Moon.  "Serena! You okay?" asked Jupiter.

"Just get me out of this!" whined Serena.

But the mohawked Sailor Moon created another sword and ran at them.

Mars summoned her glaive and caught the sword.  "I can't believe you would betray us!"

"You left me!  You all deserve to DIE!"

"Not this time," said Warrior Jupiter.

The mohawked Sailor Moon then pushed Mars and her glaive away.  She stood between them and Serena.  "If you want her," she said, eyeing them with revenge, "You'll have to get past me."

Chapter 15 was submitted by Malaur.

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