Chapter 19

".... they're gone..."  A sickly gray pallor came over Rubeus' face.  "Gar--ne--tia---"

"Oh, were you keeping them here for some special reason or something?  Then it's too bad you let them escape, now isn't it."  She smiled cattily as Rubeus' face darkened with rage.  "Oh, does wittle Wubeus want his big sister Garnetia to make evwything all better?"

If looks could kill... well, let's just say Garnetia would be in less than perfect health.  She was fully aware of this fact, and it pleased her to no end.  He moved towards her, fists clenched, mouth open with a return to her comment.  At the snap of her fingers, he froze.

"Nnn nnn nnn, brother," she chided, waggling a finger.  "It's not polite to talk back."  She turned to Sailor Moon, who had been trying her best to become invisible.  "Yo, Mohawk-girl."

"Yes ma'am!"

"Bring me all the information you can find on these people my brother is after.  They may be useful..."  As Sailor Moon scuttled off, Garnetia walked to the still frozen Rubeus.  "I know you can hear me.  This is just a taste of my power.  You will regret ever having had me banished from the Dark Kingdom."

Chapter 19 was submitted by Adam.

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