Chapter 18

"Garnetia!  What are YOU doing here?!" asked Rubeus to the newcomer.

"You should know, you're the one who got me exiled from the Dark Kingdom in the first place!" Garnetia yelled back.

"Me?!  I had nothing to do with it, it wasn't MY fault that you got caught trying to assassinate the Wiseman and take over rule of the Dark Moon kingdom!"

"It was YOU who betrayed me in the first place!  I should have known my LITTLE brother had no guts or ambition."  She threw her hands up in disgust.

"No guts?!  Well I have more magical power than you a hundred times over!!  You, you, you spoiled brat!  No wonder Dad liked me better than you!"

"Liked you better?!  You're the spoiled brat!  I can't believe that you haven't been killed yet for your stupidity by Wiseman!"

Out came the tongues as they glared at each other.

The Mohawked One came up to them. "Ummm.... excuse me Master, but we have the Scouts to deal with... maybe you can argue about this later?  Please?"

Garnetia turned to her.  "And who is this new lackey of yours today?  Never could depend on your own powers to get the job done, eh?"

Rubeus clenched his fists.  "Shut up!  Just shut up!  I'll have you know that this person was once my most hated enemy and now I have her working on my side against her former allies."

"Allies?  You mean the people who just left?"

"What?!"  He turned towards the room.  It was empty.

Chapter 18 was submitted by Zang.

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