Chapter 21

"It started seven years ago," began Tuxedo Mask.  "The Nega-Moon won.  Sailor Moon and the scouts went to confront Rubeus.  But only Sailor Moon returned two weeks later.  She told me that the others were dead.  So, she and I felt we had to have a family of new scouts.  And uh-well, Rini was born." He blushed.  So did Serena.  He set her down and continued. 

"But they didn't all die.  Mercury was still alive.  She returned and said that Serena couldn't be trusted.  Well, it was proven right years later.  When Rini was two, Serena was pregnant again.  By then, she had sworn loyalty to Rubeus.  Serena and I, leaving Rini with Cyllene of the Resistance, went to get Rubeus.  But that was the trap.  Rubeus injured me and the Wiseman ripped the baby from Serena and sent it through a time warp.  I heard him say something about it being the one to stop him."  Tuxedo Mask couldn't look at the scouts as he continued.  "Cyllene tried to track it but the baby died in the warp.  Angry, I attacked Rubeus but Serena showed her true colors and gave me the scars you see." 

"How awful!" said Mina.

"What happened to Mercury?" asked Serena.

"I'm not sure.  But it didn't end there.  With another raid, I was able to get all of the wands back and I scarred Sailor Moon." 

"You caused her eye to be blind!?" replied Lita, surprised.

"Yes.  In one battle about a year ago, I was fighting the Wiseman and...remember how Rini fell from the sky?" he asked.

"Yeah...I remember," said Serena sourly.

"Well...someone else fell from the sky.  She landed on top of the Wiseman and rolled away.  She was wearing a sailor fuku.  I heard her say, 'Earth Spirit Bomb!' and she sent him crashing through the walls...I think about four of them." 

A smile came to his face.  "She explained that she was Sailor Earth, the last scout from about ten years in the future.  She said that her 'friend' found her after she fell from a warp and gave her the last existing scout power.  She fought Garnetia and then was sent here to stop her before she got really powerful."  " Sailor Earth...the baby?" asked Raye.

"Through testing...she was.  I was overjoyed.  I asked her her name..." 

"And I said it was Celeste because that's what my dad would've named me," said a voice.  Sailor Earth, Sailor Time, Sailor Little Moon and Warrior Mercury came up to them.  "And we better get back.  Something's not right here." 

In the bushes lurked the mohawked Sailor Moon.  She smiled.  "So...Sailor Earth is my daughter.  We shall meet, failure scout."

Chapter 21 was submitted by Malaur.

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