Chapter 22


"Athena, we're close.  I can feel her nearby.  Give us a little-"

Sailor Neo-Mars' transmission to the Resistance was cut off abruptly as a long tentacle lashed down at her.  She leapt back and looked up, to see a humanoid figure perched on a rubbled wall.  It was tall and gaunt, and its right arm was retracting from the attack it had made.  Its face was featureless, save for a pair of red slits for eyes.

"Damn," said Neo-Jupiter, leaping down and landing beside her partner.  "We're too late.  They got here first."

"Just pray they can't convince her," the purple-haired one replied.  They both jumped at the creature, readying their powers.


Michelle looked away from the figure addressing her.  At first, she had thought the mist-monster was hideous, but now it seemed friendly enough.  Mistan continued her speech, holding Michelle's hand, trying to convince her.

"Order is what is missing in this world, Michelle.  If the city is ever going to be restored, then we need to restore order.  But the so-called Resistance stands in the way of that goal."

They both heard an explosion outside, and Michelle screamed with fright.  Mistan held on to her, and comforted her.  "You see?  Even now, they fight in a civilian area.  Who knows who could be hurt?  Your family?"

Michelle's eyes snapped open.


"Damn it, another one!" Neo-Jupiter shouted as two spears of energy shot past her.  Her purple-haired partner leapt up at the new monster, diving straight at it with her fist outstretched.

"Mars Fire Aura!" she yelled to the world, and her fist became surrounded with flames.  She sped at the monster, but it vanished the instant before she tore into it.

"What?" cried Neo-Jupiter, and suddenly felt a presence behind her.  Acting out of instinct, she leapt forwards and upwards, twisting as she went to see the monster stand behind where she was, it's lethal energy scythes cleaving into the ground where she had just stood.

"We can't afford this delay!  Jupiter Thunder-discs Blast!"


Michelle looked up at Mistan, staring at her blank eyes.  "I'll do it," she said, resolute.

Mistan smiled.  "Good," she purred.  "You'll need this."  She presented a small rod to Michelle.  It was apparently made of black marble, laced with blue veins.

Michelle took the rod from her.


The creature crashed to the ground, then dissolved into a pile of dust.  Its crystal immediately blackened, disenchanted.

"Come on, Mars, let's find her!" Neo-Jupiter said to her kneeling companion.

Neo-Mars clutched the wound on her shoulder and spoke through clenched teeth.  "You go on.  I'll just hold you up."

Neo-Jupiter was about to reply, when they heard a cry from nearby.  A figure shot into the air, and landed kneeeling on a pile of rubble.  It stood up, and crossed its arms over its chest.

She was about sixteen years of age, with shoulder-length red hair held back from her face by a clip on the back of her head.  She wore black slacks and a long-sleeved black shirt, both decorated with crystal-blue lines down the sleeves, pant legs, on the shoulders and across the chest.

Michelle called out to them "I am soldier Mercury!"

Chapter 22 was submitted by Jinas.

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