Chapter 25

Finally out of Garnetia's sight, Sailor Moon slowly followed the trail of the three strange girls.  She was not quite sure why, but there was something about this mission she did not like.  It wasn't the violence, because she surely had seen plenty in her time under Rubeus.  It was just... everything seemed a little different now that Garnetia was in charge.  For instance, she never would have hidden anything from Master Rubeus.  However, the mohawked girl had not been completely honest in saying she didn't know the girls whose trail she now followed.  In actuality, she knew two of them, Neo-Mars and Neo-Jupiter, pretty well.  She had helped train them, after all.  Ahh... those were the days when she worked for Good... was it so long ago?  And she did work for good now, right?  Master Rubeus had told her that all his-- their-- work was for the good of Crystal Tokyo.  That's a goal worthy of working towards, even if it did go against all her previous beliefs... and her dear husband...  This had never been a problem when Master Rubeus was around.. if only she could talk to him... everything was so cloudy now... "Oh, why doesn't anything make sense anymore!?" she cried.

"Perhaps I can help you."

Sailor Moon twisted around towards the voice, body tensed and energy sword at the ready.

"You can let down your guard.  I have no desire to hurt you."  The mist creature approached her slowly, hands outstretched.  Instead I propose a deal."

"Really," commented the mohawked girl, not relaxing.  "What could you have that would possibly interest me?"

The creature's harsh features became almost pleasant.  "You question where your beliefs have led you.  Perhaps you have been misled.  Let me... help you find your way."

As the creature gazed into her eyes, Sailor Moon felt her doubts slip away.  "But... but... what would I do for you?"

"Oh, don't worry about that."  Mistan smiled.  "I have great plans for you."

Chapter 25 was submitted by Double E.

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