Chapter 24

Garnetia was roughly pushed aside as a girl with a sailor fuku and short purple hair dropped to the ground, barely missing the whirlwind of icy crystals that rushed above her to encase nearby rubble in a glacier.  She was immediately followed by a second girl, dressed similarly, with a long green braid.  "Excuse us," she called as she sped past.

Garnetia regained her balance just in time to be completely knocked over, this time by a teen dressed all in black.  "You Resistance members come back here!  In the name of Love and Justice, I, Soldier Mercury, will punish you!!"  She struck a dramatic pose.  "...hey... wait up!" she cried, running after them.

The mohawked girl slowly stood and brushed herself off.  Garnetia didn't move, remaining sprawled in the rubble.  "How did that just happen?" she asked quietly.

"Well, between Master Rubeus and Tuxedo Mask's chi explosion and your crashing here, there isn't much Tower left... it's easy for people to just run through--"

"That's NOT what I meant you ninny!  I thought you were supposed to be filling me in on things here!  Who were those people, and why were they running me over?!!"

The dark Sailor Moon looked down.  "I... don't know."

"Then Hadn't You Better Find OUT!!?!  You will FIND those sailor suited freaks, and you will deliver them to ME!  THEN, you will retrieve this Sailor Earth character.  ANYONE who gets in your way you will Take Care of.  Am I making myself Perfectly Clear?!"

"Yes ma'am," Sailor Moon replied in a small voice.

"GO!!!" Garnetia yelled.  She spied the frozen Rubeus, who had also been knocked around in the commotion, underneath a small pile of rocks.  "With help like this, no wonder you always screw up so badly.  Oh, what would I give for a decent lackey!"  Spent, she stalked off.

Chapter 24 was submitted by Double E.

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