Chapter 30

"Are we there yet?" Sailor Time whined in typical Rini fashion.

"Almost," Mina replied.  "Cyllene said she'd meet us right in this next clearing."

"Please, please let Cyllene be all right," Serena prayed.

But as they stepped into the clearing they saw Cyllene lying motionless on the ground.  Amy rushed over to feel for a pulse.

"She's still alive... barely," she reported.  "But it's not safe to move her in this condition."  Amy tore a strip off her skirt and tried to stop the bleeding.  "I'll stay here and do what I can for her.  You've got to hurry and get help.  She won't last long without stitching up and a transfusion."

Sailor Earth looked around frantically.  "The Time Key!  The pieces Cyllene said she'd found are missing!  Now the Negaverse has them."

"We can't worry about that now, Celeste!" Rini cried.  "Cyllene is lying there dying, and if we don't do something, she'll end up just like Athena!"

"The Time Key is the only important thing," Celeste retorted.

"Everyone, stop arguing!" Amy shouted.  "We will recover the rest of the Time Key, but right now a girl's life is at stake.  That's the most important thing right now.  Mina, take Serena and Celeste and find help for Cyllene.  And hurry.  In her condition I'd guess she's got an hour or two at best without proper medical attention.  I've stopped the bleeding, but I'm no doctor, there's not much more I can do.  Rini, stay with me and help care for Cyllene.  We've got to keep her alive until the others get back with help.  If we get Cyllene stitched up in time..." she looked directly at Celeste, "then we can go after the Time Key.  Until then, Cyllene is our top priority.  Is that clear?"

Sailor Earth nodded silently and left with Serena and Venus.  Amy watched them go, and then returned her attentions to her patient.

Rini stood staring at the badly-wounded Cyllene, on the verge of tears.  She'd never seen anyone so near death before.

"Amy?  Is Cyllene going to be all right?" she wondered.

"I don't know, Rini," Amy answered quietly.  "All we can do for her now is wait and pray."

* * * * *

Sailor Earth was surprised at the ease she'd gotten away from Venus and Serena.  Under the pretense of having to do her 'Necessary', she had walked off for some time alone.  Earth sat at a dried up pond and brooded.  "I needed that piece to get me home.  Oh, what am I talking about!?  I can't go home!  My own friend died getting me here."

"And someone else is going to die too!" yelled Sailor Moon as she leapt towards Sailor Earth.

Celeste was ready for her.  She threw the mohawked woman off and called, "EARTH!  KAO ATTACK!"  A dark brown aura covered her body as she ran up and kicked Sailor Moon in the stomach.  That kick sent Moon flying into a nearby stone wall.  Celeste ran at her again, hoping to finish the job.

But Sailor Moon was ready.  She gathered a ball of pure Negaverse energy, and when Celeste got close to her, she threw with deadly accuracy.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" screamed Sailor Earth as she was thrown through the air.  Sailor Earth slumped down the wall and fell into a heap on the ground.

Smiling, the mohawked girl went over and touched the girl.  "A weak pulse.  She's dying soon anyway!"  With a snap of her fingers, Sailor Moon and the unconscious Sailor Earth was gone.

* * * * *

Lili lay on her bed, staring through the gaping hole in her roof.  "GD mist creatures!  Always rippin' up MY house!"

She turned to look at the wall.  A broken mirror hung lopsidedly, a network of cracks spiderwebbing across its surface.

As Lili began to doze, she thought she saw a faint yellow glow in the mirror.  She opened her eyes wide-- she did see the a faint glow.  And behind that, a misty creature...

"Hello, Lili," whispered the mist cloud forming behind her.  Lili gasped.

"What the hell'r you doin' here?!" she cried, sitting bolt upright.

"I've come to claim you, Neo Venus," stated Mistan matter-of-factly as she loomed over Lili.

All through the tiny camp, a scream pierced the night.

Chapter 30 was submitted by Naia Zifu, Malaur, and Sailor Dragon

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