Chapter 31

Tuxedo Mask, Warrior Mars and Warrior Jupiter trudged along the scorched, barren earth.  Suddenly, Mars stopped.  "Wait!  What's that?"

"What's what?" Jupiter asked.

A shrill scream echoed in the distance, followed by a huge explosion that lit up the dark sky.

"Come on," Tuxedo Mask called, already running towards ground zero.

As they approached, they saw the smoking remains of a town.  Dead center, were two charred figures lying on the ground.

"It's Neo-Mars and Neo-Jupiter!" Raye called, rushing to them.

Neo-Jupiter crawled to her knees.  "Mars... you sacrificed yourself for me... why?" she asked the form beside her.

The blackened and twisted shape that once was Neo-Mars struggled for breath.  "I had to," she creaked.  "It's up to you, now..."  She closed her eyes.

" please..."  Neo-Jupiter felt a hand on her shoulder.  "I'm sorry," Warrior Jupiter said sadly.

"There's no time for mourning.  We need to--"

"VENUS PEACE AND LOVE STRIKE!!!"  A whistling sound...


The ground erupted, shooting everyone into the air.  Tuxedo Mask growled, shielding himself from the blast.  "Cowards!!  Come out and fight!"

The smoke cleared, revealing Mistan, Neo-Venus, and Neo-Mercury.  Mistan pointed a clawed finger.  "Kill."

Mercury and Venus leapt towards the girls, as Tuxedo Mask rushed Mistan.  The battle was joined.

* * * * *

"MERCURY LIQUID-NITROGEN BUBBLES... BLAST!!"  Shards of ice flew towards Warriors Jupiter and Mars.  They dove in different directions to avoid the attack, but Jupiter didn't dive far enough-- several ice slivers buried themselves in her thigh.  She dropped heavily to the ground.

Neo-Mercury grinned, then began a second attack.  "Now to finish the job... ICE... DEATH...!!"  A halo of bluish light surrounded her, as a ball of ice began forming between her hands. 

Venus looked away from her battle with Warrior Mars to gaze at the gathering energy of Mercury's attack.  Mars took the opening... "MARS EXPLOSIVE INFERNO!!"  Venus was instantly vaporized in fire.

This only enraged Mercury, whose ice sphere was now huge.  As she released it at Mars, Neo-Jupiter leapt in front of her, releasing her own attack.  The two forces collided in a terrific explosion that engulfed them both.

Mars and Warrior Jupiter gazed in horror at the armageddon.

* * * * *

Tuxedo Mask leaned heavily against a doorframe.  His fight against Mistan was not going well.  He gingerly touched his side, and grimaced at the warm sticky liquid he felt spreading there.  His only comfort was that Mistan was doing worse than him.  She faced him, several feet away, oozing a black substance from many wounds.

"It ends here, do-gooder."  She moved to a ready stance.

"I beg to differ," the tuxedo-clad man replied.  He began his chi attack, running towards her.  "KAMEN CAAAAANNNNEE..."

Instantly, her clawed hand rushed towards his chest.  His eyes widened as he sank to the ground.  Mistan stood over his prone form.

"Thanks for doing the dirty work.  Now die."  Garnetia snapped her fingers.  Instantly Mistan's atoms were simultaneously pulled and pushed inside-out.  Before the mist creature could utter a cry, she ceased to exist.

Garnetia retrieved the fragments of the Time Key.  "Now, the power belongs to me."

Chapter 31 was submitted by Zang

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