Chapter 36

"The Time Key is here... I can feel it..." said Sailor Time. "I think it's in this building." She pointed at and old house and the group cautiously entered.

"Let's split up, and if anyone finds it or gets into trouble just beep everyone on the communicator, ok?" suggested Venus. Jupiter and Time agreed and went off into different directions.

Sailor Time was about to enter a room when she heard mumbling. "Wait, there's someone in there... should I warn the others?" she thought. She fingered her communicator nervously. She quietly entered the room. In the far corner, a figure was sitting down hugging his knees and rocking slowly back and forth. She took a step in the room and the old floor boards creaked. Startled, the man looked up and looked back down. Sailor Time whispered in shock as she recognized him. "Rubeus?!?!"


The Dark Tower loomed ahead as Sailor Warrior Mars, Sailor Earth, and Serena approached.

"Why am I here? I have no powers, my crystal is dead, I'm useless." Serena thought to herself.

All of a sudden, a strong wind rose and a black figure appeared in front of them.

"Garnetia!!" shouted Sailor Earth, surprised.

"My master wishes for your crystal..." said Garnetia without emotion.

"I don't think so! Your evil days are over!" yelled Mars as she charged Garnetia. Garnetia glanced at her and Mars was thrown back colliding into Serena. They both fell unconscious on the ground.

"Earth Spririt Bomb!!" Earth quickly shouted while Garnetia was distracted by Mars. Unfortunately, Garnetia recovered fast and jumped out of the way of the yellowish balls of energy. She formed a black dagger in her hand and threw it at Earth. Earth tried dodge but wasn't fast enough and the dagger embedded itself in her shoulder. Sailor Earth grunted in pain and grabbed her shoulder. Black energy rose around Garnetia and she pointed at Earth. Lightning shot out of her finger and hit the dagger. Earth screamed and collapsed to the ground. Energy began flowing out of Earth, and a point of light appeared in her chest.

"Now the crystal is ours..." droned Garnetia. The light grew larger until the Imperium Silver Crystal was fully formed. It began to float towards Garnetia.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" cried Serena and she threw a rock at Garnetia. Distracted, Garnetia let the crystal fall to the ground in front of Earth. Serena ran towards the crystal and picked it up. "Now it's my turn, MOON CRYSTAL MASAMUNE POWER!!" In a flash of light, her transformation began.

Chapter 36 was submitted by Zang.

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