Chapter 37

A golden circle etched in the ground around Sailor Moon, and then suddenly flared up into a brilliant tower of light. Inside, the silhoutte of Sailor Moon levitated off the ground and she began to glow. Millions of white, gold, and red ribbons flew out from her silver crystal and surrounded her. They hardened into a crystal breast plate with matching greaves and gauntlets. A tabard with a crescent moon symbol unfurled over her armor. A golden tiara formed on her forehead with another crescent moon in the center. In her right hand, energy gathered and formed into a beautiful massive blade. "I am Sailor Warrior Moon!" she cried.

As Sailor Moon posed, Garnetia gave no response and instead rushed her with a sword of dark energy. Giving a cry of fear, Sailor Moon desperately raised her sword and managed to parry the blow. The strength of the attack knocked her back a bit, giving Garnetia another chance to strike.

This time, Garnetia struck furiously, giving a barrage of blows. Sailor Moon gave her best to defend herself, but she couldn't avoid all of them and was forced back even further.

'I need to get away, she's too good with the sword. There's no way I can beat her like this...' thought Sailor Moon. 'I've gotta... AH!' Her thought was cut off as she tripped backwards and fell.

Garnetia slightly smiled and raised her sword for the final blow.



From either side, flames and earth energy slammed into Garnetia, throwing her into the air. Mars and Earth limped towards Sailor Moon helping her up. "Sailor Moon, are you okay?" Mars asked.

She shook her head to clear it. "Ow... Thanks for the help." She set a determined expression on her face. "Now it's time for some moon-dusting!!" She sprinted towards the prone body of Garnetia. As she approached, Garnetia propped herself on her elbows and, fingers splayed, sent out a wave of magenta darkness. Mars and Earth crumpled under the assault. Sailor Moon managed to stay on her feet, using her sword to deflect the power.

"It's... not.. that easy to... stop me!" she grimaced. She slowly pushed forward against the surging energy.

"How could this happen?" Garnetia thought. "I must get the crystal, I must serve Wise... man?" She lowered her hand. "Wiseman? But I... don't want... I..."

Sailor Moon took this new opportunity to attack. "MOON... SOUL... CLEANSING." Energy gathered and swirled from her crystal, through the sword, and erupted towards Garnetia's chest. Entering her heart, Garnetia's eyes blazed as she began to glow with white light. A cry ripped from her soul as a black substance oozed from her eyes and mouth. The light around her died out, and she laid on the ground, coughing up the last of the nastiness.

Sailor Moon slumped to her knees, exhausted. "Your evil... is gone now, Garnetia."

"Do you know how long it took me to corrupt her soul? And to finally get it to work for me?" Wiseman's voice boomed from the sky. "I'll take care of both of you myself..."

With a scream, Garnetia and Sailor Moon disappeared.

Chapter 37 was submitted by Zang.

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