Chapter 38

Mars struggled back to her feet, and checked on Celeste. "I'm... okay," she said in a weak voice as she stood up. "But my mum..." They both looked up at the tower.

"They've got Rini too. Well, your Rini," Mars responded. She swallowed, tears welling in her eyes. "I guess it's just us now, kid."

"Kid?" Earth said, slightly peeved.

Mars smiled and laughed slightly. "Alright, sorry."

"Hey," came a voice behind them. Venus approached, ahead of Jupiter and Sailor Time, who were supporting Rubeus between them. "Where is everyone?" she asked, looking around.

Mars explained the situation, as they sat Rubeus down.

"Well he's useless," Sailor Time said, standing up, "but we got this off him." She produced a shard of the Time Key, the last part remaining of the powerful weapon. But it's too weak. To use it, we need to be where there's great power."

They all turned towards the tower. Raye looked grimly at it, ignoring the others. Jupiter placed a hand on her friend's shoulder, interrupting her reverie. "They're in there, aren't they?"


"Then that's where we're going," Venus said, without enthusiasm. "At least there's five of us again," she said, smiling slightly.

They fell silent, and as one, started out towards the tower.

* * *

Sailor Moon and Garnetia found themselves in a large chamber.

"Where are we?" Sailor Moon asked.

"This is the Wiseman's lair." At Moon's look of confusion, she continued. "Wiseman is the leader of the Dark Moon Kingdom. He was the one who exiled me a long time ago." She clenched her fist. "He's incredibly powerful, so watch yourself. Don't underestimate him."

"Good advice." Wiseman appeared before them. With a wave of his hand, flaming projectiles appeared and flew towards Sailor Moon.

"AaAaAaAaAa!!!!!" she screamed, jumping and dodging all around the room until she misstepped and fell. A flaming ball bulletted towards her head. There's no time to get out of the way! she thought. I'm going to die!!! She raised her arms in defense.

The bullet hit.

"Huh?" Moon questioned. The bullet sat in midair and dropped to the ground. She looked at Garnetia.

"You forgot about someone." Garnetia said. "I'm the one you need to worry about."

"Hmph!" Wiseman grunted in derision. "You've already proven yourself unworthy to fight me. But if you're really that eager to die..." He sent out an intense blast of energy towards her.

Garnetia nimbly evaded and countered by sending a lance of energy running through the ground and bursting up beneath him.

Making little sign of injury from the impact, he gave a short grunt and sent more flaming bullets at Garnetia. "This time, no mercy..."

"You should do more fighting and less talking." In a swift motion she summoned her dagger and launched it towards him. The blade buried itself into his chest.

"Is this supposed to hurt?" he asked, derisively.

"No, but this will...LIGHTNING STORM!!" She directed the huge bolts of lightning to the dagger. Acting as a lightning rod, the energy surged through it and crackled through his frail body.

"Urgh!" he uttered through clenched teeth. Ignoring the pain and the electricity blast, he grasped the knife and wrenched it out. Garnetia barely slowed in her assault, but in the moment she faltered, he whipped the blade back at her. With a clipped groan, she dropped, the dagger embedded in her stomach.

"Well, it seems it's just you and me now. There can only be one victor..." he chuckled evilly.

Sailor Moon gasped, eyes wide, then gained a determined glint. She readied her sword. "I'm ready for you... *gulp*" Her arms shook visibly, but maintained a steady grip.

"Oh really? Then let's begin."

Chapter 38 was submitted by Jinas and Tina.

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