Chapter 9


"ARRGH!!!" Sailor Time clutched her head.

Luna, concerned, looked up at the scout that just moments before had been Rini. "Ri- Sailor Time! What's wrong?"

"I don't know-- Its' like I'm being pulled apart--! NNNNN!" Glowing, she crumpled in pain. "Luna!...Help!" The girl shimmered and disappeared.

"Rini!" Luna looked at Artemis. "She's gone..."

"Something must've happened to Serena..."


"Serena!" the girls cried out in unison.

"No! where is that thing taking her?" demanded Lita.

The goddesses looked down sadly. "To the Dark Dimension, I'm afraid," Athena said quietly.

"'Dark Dimension?'" Amy repeated. "Where is that?"

Athena shook her head. "No one knows where, as no one's ever come back to tell about it. I'm sorry, girls, I'm afraid your friend is gone forever."

Tears in her eyes, Rei said defiantly, "She can't be. We'll find this Dark Dimension and rescue Serena even if it kills us."

"Yeah," agreed Mina. "We've got to. I mean, where would the Sailor Scouts be without Sailor Moon?"

"Did someone call me?" asked a voice from the shadows. It sounded like Serena.

As everyone turned around, a young woman stepped forth, wearing Sailor Moon's costume. She even looked like Serena, except...

"Serena, what happened to your face?" asked Amy.

"And your hair?" Lita added.

For besides looking quite a few years older, this Sailor Moon had a scar across her right eye, which was clearly blind, and wore her hair in a multicoloured mohawk.

She answered simply, "Times have changed."

"Since we got here half an hour ago?" Rei asked crossly.

Sailor Moon went over and slapped her across the face, leaving behind a red handprint.

"No, since you left me here alone seven years ago!"

Chapter 9 was submitted by Naia Zifu
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