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Here you can read some for the best and brightest in the fanfiction world. Here is a growing fanfiction archive, that contains fics from Evangelion to original stories-- not to mention Sailor Moon. Here is the future and past site fo a Sailor Moon multi-author. Though troubled at the start, it made it through a year of weekly updates. Currently we're tweaking the system to bring you a better multi-author experience.

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what's with the changes?
As you can see, we're under construction. What do you think of the new look? Over the next few weeks, the rest of the site will be revamped as well. As always, tina's world stresses quality over quantity. This means some of the stuff you may have seen before is gone. Hopefully, you'll stand by during this time of transition. Now more than ever, I need your feedback on where this site should go. Anyone willing to help out is very appreciated.
what's new?
We have a new story! I'll Be There, a Martian Successor Nadesico fic is now at tina's world. Also, updates to My Gift To You and Shin Slurpee Evangelion. Find them here.

As for multi-authors... we are interested in making another, based on Sailor Moon, or perhaps a different series. What would you like to do? Do you have a story idea? Would you like to run the new multi-author? Send me feedback.

so, where do you want to go?

There are several different places to go from here. Just click on the area of tina's world you want to visit.

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mail: Email me about the new look, a new story, anything. Comments, questions, and criticism go here.

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tina's world is maintained by Erin Ellis. However, none of the characters in the fictions nor the anime they're based on belong to me, and are manytimes used without permission. The content of these pages is for general information and entertainment only.