they love us, they really love us!
Here are the awards we've won. Click on them to check out where they come from.

AEM's Excellence in Creativity Award AEM's Honor of the Senshi Award

This site has won the
Angels Best FanFic Award
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the Sailor Moon Gateway's
SailorMoon Award for Excellence


Market-Tek Design Award

The Heavelution Concerts Canada 
'Great Gig' Web Site Excellence Award       Design World Internet Services Bronze Award

SM Zone Red Ribbon Award!

Web Designs. | .Free COOL Animation.]       [Ravi's Elite Site Award]

Sailor SwiftHeart's Fanfic Award

Superior Site Award! SSSN's Award Of Smiles Serena-Usagi's World -
Serena's Badge of Fun!

Ami and Rei's Creativity Award!

Rei's Award of Excellence
January 1998
The B Man's Ultimate Anime Award
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So... what do you think!  In the future, we hope to add many more awards to this page!  Don't worry, when we get them, you'll know!

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