what do you have to say for yourself?
Hey everyone! What do you think of otaku kaku? I've been flying blind here for a while... are there any particular series or stories I should go after? How about the fanfictions we already have here? Should we have another multiauthor? What should we add to make otaku kaku better? Here's the place to tell!


What do you think of otaku kaku?
I like it!
It's okay...
Doesn't do much for me.

Now that our first multi-author has finished, how did we do?
Pretty well, for the first time out.
You could've improved a lot (please list below)

What do you think about a second multi-author, done either like CIT, or in an Improfanfic style? (list any ideas below!)
Seems interesting!
No opinion yet.
Doesn't float my boat.

How did you find my page?

Would an announcement list telling of new stories be useful?
That's okay.

Any questions? Comments?

Don't like forms? You can always drop a note at otaku00@hotmail.com with any concerns, questions or comments!

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