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So here I am, sitting in the waiting room of the local hospital emergency ward, cursing myself and the sempais for not thinking about this sooner, and wondering what's going to happen to Suka-chan. Alcohol and a recently operated-on stomach - why didn't I stop him? And that sleeping powder on top of that! Oh man... I hope Suka- chan's going to be all right...

Needless to say, this isn't my favorite way to spend a Sunday evening. Truth to tell, I'd almost rather be forced to sit through one of 'Brother' Kinichi's services (which should be starting just about now, I note as I glance at my watch).

Almost. If I thought it would do any good.

Still, I suppose it can't hurt to start murmuring a few prayers. I shut my eyes, and begin to clap my hands together.

Gosh, that last clap was awfully loud... sounded more like a door slamming or some such. I can hear someone sit down next to me, but I'm not going to let it break my concentration...

..unless he taps me on the shoulder. "Kisaragi-kun?"

Fine. I know when I'm beaten. I open my eyes, and find myself staring at... "Doctor Hasukawa? How is he?"

"Oh, he'll be all right. He simply forgot that the alcohol would do a number on his ulcer." He sighs heavily. I think there's something he's not letting on.

"Are you sure that that's all, sensei?"

He blinks and turns to face me. "Yes, that's all. A few days of bed rest, and he'll be fine. I've spoken to Ikeda-kun and Tezuka-kun, and they're going to help Kazuya with his studies while he recuperates." The least they could do, given the circumstances... Dr. Hasukawa doesn't mention the sleeping drug; either it doesn't have anything to do with Suka-chan's condition, or he figures I already know all about the sempais' little practical joke.

Another sigh. "Why is it that this is the only way I can see him anymore?"

"Pardon me?"

"Oh, you hadn't noticed? Kazuya's been avoiding me. Why? You're his roommate... has he mentioned me at all?"

Okay... do I tell him? "Well, yeah..."

"In angry tones, I'll bet." What can I do? The man knows. I nod. "Did he say why?"

"Well, ah..." This is no time to mention Sumire. Suka-chan's actually getting over that problem... although I'm not sure I like the fact that I'm the solution. There have been other reasons, though... "he did mention how he came to Ryokuto because you did. He always said you had guts and ambition in those days, going to school and taking care of him all at the same time."

Dr. Hasukawa chuckles ruefully. "Yes, I was burning the candle at both ends in those days. I was nuts. It got even crazier when I decided to go to med school."

"How'd you manage to go to school and support the two of you, anyway?"

"Ah, well... our parents left us a bit of a legacy. Plenty to live off of, and provide for tuition, too. It's such that I didn't have to become a hotshot doctor when I graduated --"

"I think that's it. Suka-chan doesn't understand why you're, ah, 'wasting your life' at Ryokuto, working in the infirmary. Like you couldn't handle working at a hospital or something."

Suka-chan's brother shrugs. "I did for a while; every med student has to do a residency, after all. Didn't like it. Maybe I could have done well, maybe not. I didn't need to, that's all. As far as wasting my life goes, I prefer to think of it as 'giving back a bit to the school.'"

I can understand not having to work harder than one has to, but damn... he sounds too noble to be for real. "Is that so?"

"Well..." and a bit of a mischevous grin begins to sprout, "that, and I can tease my little brother every now and again when I work here. He's so cute when he gets angry!"

"Hmph. No wonder he ignores you..." and, almost under my breath, I add, "and no wonder some of the guys think you're gay..."

"What was that?"

"Uh... nothing."

"Really. In case you're wondering, the rumours don't bother me. I know otherwise, after all. So does Sumire." I'll let that slide for now. "Besides, there's similar rumours going around about you, aren't there?"

I am NOT going to answer. I am NOT getting in the gutter with this guy.

Thankfully, I don't have to. The doors open, and a young nurse steps into the room. "Is there a Shun Kisaragi here?"

I stand. "Right here."

"Hasukawa-kun would like to see you." I step forward. Doctor Hasukawa follows, but the nurse stops him. "And only you." He sits back down, somewhat dejected.

Serves him right.


Given the circumstances, Suka-chan's in surprisingly good humour, even after I explain what happened.

"Did you manage to save the bottle?"

What kind of a question is that? "You mean the champagne?"

He gives me a look. "No, the shampoo from the hotel. Yes, I mean the champagne bottle. Did you manage to save it?"

"Well, I... Suka-chan, I got knocked out the same time you did, more or less. I have no idea what happened to the champagne. You aren't planning on using it up or nothing, are you? I mean, the whole bottle was spiked..."

Now he chuckles. "Darn... and was hoping to return the favor to the sempais, too..."

"Like they'd drink any of it."

"Who said anything about making them drink it? All I need is the bottle." He swings his arm in the air a couple times. "Bonk! Bonk!" and giggles. I think he's still just a bit drugged. Oh well... it beats him being angry. "Anyway, thanks for bringing me here. The doctors said I had a close call with that reaction."

I nod and sigh. "Thank your brother, too. He's the one who told us to get you to the hospital." I barely have to mention Doctor Hasukawa's name for Suka-chan's face to darken. "Please, Suka-chan... it was for your own good. You know, he may not be a hot-shot doctor at Tokyo General or some such, but he saved your life. That's something, isn't it?"

Well, at least the clouds are gone from his face. "Shun-chan... it's not just the whole infirmary business, you know..."

"Oh, Suka-chan... are you still mooning over Sumire-san?"

Another look. "Shun-chan... I'll never be able to get over that completely. Don't you remember your first love? You never can get her - well, in your case, him - out of your head." My expression must be one of noncomprehension, because he hesitates a bit. "You have had a boyfriend before, haven't you?"

I have no idea how to answer that.

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