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boku no marie
Music-Box Angel
By Matt Johnston
Knowledge of the OAV series is helpful, but by no means necessary.
    Episode One: A Mind Beside Itself     Fixed line width
    Episode Two: Mind Drive     Fixed line width
    Episode Three: High The Memory     Fixed line width
    Episode Four: The Longest Night     Fixed line width
    Episode Five: Nous Sommes Du Soliel     Fixed line width

final fantasy vii
Earthlier Happy
By Richard Lawson
A short vignette. Spoilers if you haven't played through disc 1.

Like the Beauty of the Snow
By Janet
Some spoilers to the game but if you played through the 2nd CD you should be fine.
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3

fire tripper
By Vincent Seifert
The story of Suzuko, a schoolgirl who has a strange ability to travel in time when fire threatens her, and Shukumaru, a young warrior of 16th-century Japan, after their marriage at the end of Fire Tripper.

koko wa greenwood
Extended Play
By Ukyou Kuonji
The folks at Greenwood have all made bets on how long Shun can fool the new guy. But what if Shun's betting as well?

    Track One
    Track Two
    Track Three
    Track Four
    Track Five

    Track Six
    Track Seven
    Track Eight
    Track Nine
    Track Ten

    Track Eleven
    Track Twelve
    Track Thirteen
    Track Fourteen
    Track Fifteen

    Track Sixteen
    Track Seventeen
    Track Eighteen
    Track Nineteen

    Outtakes (read after Track Fifteen)

maison ikkoku
By Emily Siazon
Soichiro Otonashi is dying. Can he follow his parents wishes of marrying before he it's too late?
    Part One
    Part Two

martian successor nadesico
I'll Be There
By R. Alexander Spoerer
Maki Izumi must make a choice between her happiness and her duty.
Winner of the Best Romance at the First Annual Anime North Fanfic contest!!

neon genesis evangelion
By R. Alexander Spoerer
Rei, Shinji and Asuka all wake up... but who are they?
    Part One
    Part Two
    Part Three

Shin Slurpee Evangelion
By Jackson Ferrell
Evangelion without SuperAngst(tm)!
    SLURPEE 0:1 - I Feel Lucky
    SLURPEE 0:2 - It's All In The Mind
    SLURPEE 0:3 - Destination Moon
    SLURPEE 0:4 - It's a Big, Big House
    SLURPEE 0:5 - Superpowers
    SLURPEE 0:6 - My Evil Plan to Save the World

Some Say Love
By Jusenkyo Guide
    Some Say Love
    Rei starts asking questions about love and Shinji... Semi-spoilers to the end of the series.
    I'll Do Anything For You
    The sequel to 'Some Say Love'. Spoilers to the end of the series and movie.

revolutionary girl utena
By Dreiser
Reunions and old feelings go hand in hand...

Breathing In A Vacuum
By Jerico Mele

    Part One
    Part Two
    Part Three
    Part Four
    Part Five
    Part Six
    Part Seven

rurouni kenshin
By Krista Perry
A short while after Kenshin arrives at the Kamiya Dojo, he reflects on his past as the Hitokiri Battousai.

No Turning Back
By Siew Lee
A slightly dark vignette, where Kenshin must face the unthinkable...

To Be or Not To Be
By Tin Mandigma
Kenshin thought that he and Kaoru had all the time in the world to get together... what he didn't know was that Kaoru thought their time had just about run out...
    to be (kaoru)
    to be (kenshin)
    tea time
    the morning after (kaoru)
    the morning after (kenshin)
    the oops! experience

the rules of the game
By MurasakiKaze
Zelgadis is faced with a challenge he may not be able to overcome...
original stories
Call Me Napoleon
By Anna Lvovsky

My Gift To You
By Rob C. Bungie
A dark fantasy tale, set on a futuristic stage.
    Issue 001 - Prelude
    Issue 002 - ein hast du

Pastel Angel
By Scott Jamison
A magical girl story with a twist...
    Chapter One: Angel Rising
    Chapter Two: Gabby

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