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This is our fiction archive-- find all different types of stories here.  This part of tina's world is always growing, so watch this space!  Ready?  Read on...


Fan Fiction!

Extended Play

Ukyou Kuonji
A Koko wa Greenwood story. The folks at Greenwood have all made bets on how long Shun can fool the new guy. But what if Shun's betting as well?
    Track One

Shin Slurpee Evangelion

By Jackson Ferrell
Evangelion without SuperAngst(tm)!
    SLURPEE 0:1 - I Feel Lucky
    SLURPEE 0:2 - It's All In The Mind
    SLURPEE 0:3 - Destination Moon

My Gift To You

By Rob C. Bungie
An original dark fantasy tale, set on a futuristic stage.
    Issue 001 - Prelude
    Issue 002 - ein hast du

I'll Be There

By R. Alexander Spoerer
A Martian Successor Nadesico short, where Maki Izumi must make a choice between her happiness and her duty.

Pastel Angel

By Scott Jamison
An original, magical girl story with a twist...
    Chapter One: Angel Rising
    Chapter Two: Gabby


This may be our next multi-author!  It's an original story that should be a lot of fun.  Check out the page here!

Music-Box Angel

By Matt Johnston
A Boku no Marie fanfic. Knowledge of the OAV series is helpful, but by no means necessary.
    Episode One: A Mind Beside Itself     Fixed line width
    Episode Two: Mind Drive Fixed line width
    Episode Three: High The Memory     Fixed line width
    Episode Four: The Longest Night     Fixed line width
    Episode Five: Nous Sommes Du Soliel     Fixed line width

No Turning Back

By Siew Lee
A Rurouni Kenshin vignette. Slightly dark.

Earthlier Happy

By Richard Lawson
A Final Fantasy VII vignette. Spoilers if you haven't played through disc 1.

Like the Beauty of the Snow

By Janet
A Final Fantasy VII fanfic. It contains some spoilers to the game but if you played through the 2nd CD you should be fine.
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3

Sailor Moon Fics!


Andrew Dynon
    Chapter One


Tales of Tuxedo Mask

By Lunari


By Naia Zifu

Forgotten Future, Forbidden Past

By Lady Ice
NOTE: This series seems to be on hiatus.. Anyone who knows what has happened to Lady Ice, please contact me.

    Chapter One
    Chapter Two
    Chapter Three
    Chapter Four

Friendly Fire

By Adrian Tymes
    Part One
    Part Two

Side Stories

     Raye's Diary
     Lita's Thoughts

Sailor Moon D

By Malaur
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    New Scout Profiles

Chaos in Time Mystery Science Theater

By Jinas.
    Part 1... Introduction through Chapter Four
    Part 2... Chapters Five through Nine
    Part 3... Chapters Ten through Fifteen
    Part 4... Chapters Sixteen through Twenty


Fan Art! Silver Starr

    A pic of Cyllene. Lily

    Chibi Moon
    Sailor Moon and Luna, painted in acrylic. 
    Rubeus in colored pencil. Double E.     Sailor Warrior Mars.


Coming soon....

More fics!  Watch this space!


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