Chapter 17

A crash of thunder woke up the sleeping occupant of the ship.  She turned her great green eyes toward the viewport.  A planet was rapidly approaching. Too rapidly she thought dismally.

She had been trapped on this ship, not really more than a capsule, for so long that she had no idea what was going on anywhere.

Punching in a few commands, she retrieved the data file from the computer.  The screen read:
    Name- Earth
    Grav.- normal
The screen showed a picture of a lush green world. Looking outside, she saw a sick yellow-black place.

This is my kind of place, she thought.

Suddenly, the light above her head flashed.  Looking behind her, she saw the ship's main power crystal had melted.  The capsule's course became erratic, and a tall dark tower loomed in front of her ship.

Her eyes widened, and she grabbed the desk just as the ship went through the ceiling of the room with a crash.

Rubeus and Tuxedo Mask looked up to see a small spacecraft plunge though the wall.  Both of them looked surprised.  The metal creaked, and what looked like what should have been a door opened.

She was tall, with very long, very bright red hair.  She raised her arms to the ceiling.  "Ah, what a wondeful welcoming committee!  I arrive to see all your smiling faces, none of which I recognize."  Her bright green eyes went over all of them, one by one.  She stopped cold when her gaze reached Rubeus.  Her eyes widened in recognition.  They both stared at one another.



"What?!?!" the others screamed.

Chapter 17 was submitted by Silver.

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