Chapter 23

"Ah, my little Mohawk-girl, back so soon?" Garnetia said in an irritatingly sweet tone.  "What have you to report?"

"The Sailor Warriors escaped with Tuxedo Mask," she began.  "They met up with Mercury in the Dark Forest.  She had the most annoying little girls there with her..."

Garnetia complained, "You're wasting my time, Miss Mohawk.  Did you find out anything useful?"

"Useful?" Sailor Moon repeated.  "Oh yes, of course.  One of the girls with Mercury was 'Sailor Earth'-- my second daughter, Celeste-- the one the Wiseman was afraid would destroy him.  He sent her through a time warp, and we thought she was dead, but..."  Sailor Moon shrugged.

"Sailor Earth is that baby the Wiseman's so afraid of?  Fascinating."  Garnetia grinned evilly, a plan beginning to form in her mind.  "Anything else?"

"Oh yeah, there was one other thing..." Sailor Moon began, but was cut off by a shout from above...

"Mercury Liquid-Nitrogen Bubbles Blast!"

Chapter 23 was submitted by Naia Zifu.

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