Chapter 32

"... then, she winked out.  We didn't know what to do, so we came back here."  Raye bowed her head.  "I'm sorry all I can give is bad news."

Amy nodded quietly, and swallowed past the lump in her throat.  All the casualties...  She shook her head and continued her queries.  "And you, Serena?  What happened to Venus?"

"I.. I'm not sure..."  The blond girl frantically wrung her hands as she spoke.  "We were walking, an-and then, Sailor Earth was gone.  Totally disappeared.  We couldn't find her anywhere.. at least I couldn't."  She looked down, conscious of her inability to transform.  "Mina-- she went after her.  She said she knew where she was, and that I needed to get the doctor.  So I did, but it's just a healer, because there aren't any hospitals here, and then you came, and... you said... and..."  Serena gave in to the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Lita tried to comfort the crying girl.  "Don't worry, Serena...  I- I can't help but think everything will work out somehow."  Her attempt at a cheery smile left much to be desired.

"Bu-but.. you don't understand!" she sobbed.  "I.. I'm supposed to lead...  I should be able to stop these things... but I can't... I'm worthless..."  She buried her face in Jupiter's shoulder.


"Quit your blubbering."  The sharp voice belonged to the woman who appeared twenty or so feet in the air.  She floated softly to the ground.  "Sorry for interrupting your soap opera, but I have little patience for melodrama."


"The one and only," she commented, giving a little bow.


Garnetia held the pieces of the Time Key in her hand.  The Sailor Warriors looked at her with dread.  Mercury stepped forward.

Garnetia mockingly regarded her.  "Too bad your powers are worthless Mercury, you can't harm me.  Now watch this."  She levitated the Pieces in front of her, then cast a spell that wreathed them in flames.  The Warriors gasped, terrified that the Key would melt.  After a few seconds, Garnetia stopped her flames, and the rod clattered to the ground.  It was unharmed.  The dark magess scowled, and pulled out her dagger.  She threw it into the ground next to the rod.  Dark Energy crackled around the weapon, but the Key was unharmed.  Garnetia reached for the rod, but Mercury put her foot on it.

Garnetia smiled to herself and took the dagger, and stood up.  The Warrior and Magess looked each other in the eye.  Garnetia shrugged, "Sorry."  She plunged the dagger into Mercury's heart.  Mercury stared at the weapon, then fell backwards.  Garnetia gestured and the life energy of Mercury formed a blue globe in her hand.  "If fire doesn't work, then how about-"

The Water Power of Mercury's lifeforce flowed into the Key.  It froze and shattered.

The remaining Warriors stared with fear and terror.  Their friend was dead, and their way back shattered into shards of ice.

Chapter 32 was submitted by Double E, and Silver.

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