Chapter 33

Sailor Earth woke up to a feeling of dread.  She tried to sit up but she realized that she was tied up.  Her arms felt numb from lack of circulation.  She felt something over her mouth so she couldn't yell for help.

"Hello, dear daughter," said the evil Sailor Moon.  She kicked Celeste in the stomach.  The poor scout could only wince at the pain.  "I see that you're awake.  Ready to die?" she asked maliciously.  The mohawked woman raised her hands to the young scout.  Dark lightning crackled around her hands, all of her dark power aimed at Sailor Earth.

Sure that it was over, Sailor Earth closed her eyes.  'I love you, Daddy,' she whispered mentally.

"Good-bye, pesky scout!"  Her dark power slammed into Sailor Earth.

"VENUS!  SUNBURST SLAM!"  From one side ran Warrior Venus as she used her weapon's power on the evil Sailor Moon.  Once she was thrown over a few trees, Warrior Venus ran over to Sailor Earth.  "CELESTE!" she cried fearfully.  She quickly untied the limp scout. 

"Mina?" Celeste whispered as she opened her eyes.  Once she moved her arms, she knew what had happened.  "We have to get back!"

"Easy, Cel.  You're hurt, remember?"

"Doesn't matter!" cried Sailor Earth as she got up slowly.  "We have to stop her now!"


"GARNETIA!"  Sailor Earth closed her eyes and cupped her hands over her heart.

"How?" asked Mina, who was truly confused.

"With this."  Sailor Earth glowed for a few seconds and then something fell from her body and into her hands.  "My friend said I could only use this if it got serious."

Mina gasped.  It was the Silver Imperium Crystal!  "Wha-?  How-!?"

"I was born with it.  I don't know why but I'm glad that I have it!"  Sailor Earth started to run back to the HQ of the Resistance.  Warrior Venus was close behind her.

"Where...who's this friend that you keep talking about?" asked Mina.

"The one friend that I had died in the time warp getting her.  My Aunt Mercury."

Mina was stunned.

* * * * *

One of the things Garnetia and Rubeus shared as brother and sister was the ability to teleport to each other's location.  While this sometimes led to embarassing situations, there was no more convenient way to keep in contact.  After effectively crippling the Warrior Scouts, Garnetia decided to use this power to check up on her little brother.

* * *
Rubeus squirmed under Wiseman's piercing gaze.  "I'm at a loss for what to do with her.  She's so powerful... and reckless.  Luckily we have a truce..."

I told you to get rid of her a long time ago.  Why does Garnetia still live?" Wiseman asked in an angry tone.  He clenched his withered fist.

"...  She's my sister.  I don't like her either, but I don't want to kill her..." Rubeus apologized.

"Look, who's making the rules here??  I want her ELIMINATED!!  And I want it NOW!!" the Wiseman shouted.

"As a wise earth man once said, you can't always get what you want!" a cold voice replied.  Garnetia stepped out from behind a pillar.

"Garnetia?!" Rubeus gasped.

She stared at her brother, who guiltily rose from his humble stance in front of Wiseman.  "Well brother, it's been a whole two days before you betrayed me.  That must be a new world record."  As Rubeus opened his mouth to reply, Garnetia held out her hand.  Rubeus's body instantly came to a stop.  "I'll deal with you later."

Garnetia turned to Wiseman.  "As for you, old man..."  She walked to the huddled mass of robes.  "I want to see your face before I kill you."  She pulled off the hood of his cape to reveal...  Nothing.

"WHAT?!"  Garnetia pulled off the remainder of his robes, finding nothing as well.

"What the hell...  What kind of twisted, cruel trick are you trying to pull?" Garnetia asked, glaring at Rubeus.

A deep chuckling echoed around the chamber.  "Foolish girl!  I know about your ability to find Rubeus, and exactly how powerful you are.  I didn't get to be this age by acting stupid!"  The Wiseman appeared at the other side of the room.

Garnetia whirled towards him, a dangerous smile on her face.  "It's time for you to step down as head of the Dark Moon.  If you won't make me your successor, I'll destroy you-- the outcome is all the same."

Wiseman's tone turned dark.  "At one time your rebelliousness was amusing, but that time is long gone.  I will grant you the chance to defeat me-- but I don't think you'll like the odds."  Out of the corners of the room gathered a group of Wisemen, ringing Garnetia from all sides.

She tossed her head.  "Spare me these parlor tricks.  You're on."

Chapter 33 was submitted by Malaur, and Adam.

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