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Hello and Welcome!  This is the homepage of our completed multiauthor story, Chaos in Time.  From here you can read CIT, or link to other fanfiction.  Enjoy!

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What's New...

Chaos in Time is finally finished!  It's been a long, strange ride, but we enjoyed it, and hope you did too.  Check out Chapter 40 here.
Well, now that CIT is finished, we're going to take a hiatus on new multi-authors...  However, if there is sufficient interest, we will have another SM fic, probably based on the Japanese version.  However, we haven't decided on how to run a probable second fic...  More on this as it develops.
Even while we deliberate on the prospects of a second multi-author, we still will be doing our best to bring more Moon fanfiction to you!  Check out other SM fanfics here.
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So What's the Deal Here?

If you're a first time visitor, you're probably saying "So how does this work?"  Well, this is fan fiction, but with audience participation. Remember those chain stories where one person begins and writes up to a point, then another person continues the story?  These types of stories always have twists and turns, and while they aren't always what the original writer intended, it's always something fun.  Here at tina's world we try to recreate that experience.  You, the readers will submit parts of a continuing story.  Whichever submission we (tina) like best will become the next chapter.  Want more info?  Check out the rules.

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