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Here is a fanfiction archive, containing fics from Evangelion and Rurouni Kenshin to My Dear Marie and original stories.
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New episodes of 'Forgotten Future, Forbidden Past' are up! It only took me a month... ^_^; Anyway, I think you'll like them... Jump here. 'Shin Slurpee Evangelion' is coming... just give me a little more time... ^_^;;;

The evil empire that is Tripod/Lycos/whatever has foiled all my efforts to delete popups from the site. I am not a fan of banners, but I feel it's better than the alternative. Should I move the site somewhere ad-free? or does anyone even care? Email me if you have an opinion; I will take all suggestions for a site upgrade sometime in December.

Also, I think the counter is broken. I'd ask at the Linko site, but it's all in Korean...

Let's see, what else... I could still use some help for the info page... Anyone who cares to describe their favorite series, and can do it in 50 words or less (roundabouts.. see the example), feel free to send me a copy and I'll code it up... ^_^; Come on, it'll be fun. Really.

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